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Welcome to the Relic Developer's Network, finaldeath

Relic designed RDN to be a resource for MOD developers; giving them the very best in development tools and support to help them make their own creations based on our technology. Relic values and recognizes that MOD groups are some of the most valuable contributors to our success… And some of them are you! Whether you're a "newbie" or a veteran MOD developer, RDN is the place that will provide you with the tools and support needed to get your MOD off the ground and to share ideas with other interested MOD developers like you!

RDN DoW Tools
[Nov 10th, 2004]

The beta release of the Dawn of War tools are now available for download. You can grab them either from Gamespot, Fileplanet or Fileshack. The DoW Tool documentation is available through the RDN Wiki.

Be sure to keep an eye on the RDN DoW section for future updates.

RDN Tool Mirror sites
[Feb 20th, 2004]

In order to help the spread of the RDN tools and alleviate problems that some RDN users have been having downloading the tools we have released a set of new packages that directly incorporate the license agreement in them. Please note that you are free to mirror these new packages , the first mirror available is at 3ddowloads. More mirrors will be added as they appear. If you have any concerns or are uncertain as to which packages can be mirrored, please contact

RDN level discontinued
[Feb 20th, 2004]

Please note that we have discontinued the use of the RDN level system. This is no way affects the great majority of RDN users. Relic continues to be committed to supporting the modding community, and we look forward to seeing your mods!

Updated HW2 tools and Maya plug-ins source released.
[Dec 2nd, 2003]

An updated version of the HW2 RDN tools has been released, along with the source to the Maya Plug-ins used in developing HW2. You can grab both releases from the HW2 RDN site.

HW2 Mod tools released.
[Nov 3rd, 2003]

The mod tools for Homeworld 2 have been released and are now available for download from the HW2 RDN section of the site.

HW1 Source released!
[Sept 26th, 2003]

The Homeworld Source code has been released and is available for download on the Homeworld Tools page.

New RDN IC Tools released!
[Jul 1st, 2003]

The new RDN IC Companion Tools, as well as the IC RDN SDK are now available for download from the Impossible Creatures area of RDN.

New IC RDN Tools release imminent
[Jun 20th, 2003]

On July 1st Relic will be releasing through RDN the following tools to the modding community:

Impossible Creatures Companion Toolset

The Impossible Creatures Companion toolset is built to install in conjunction with Impossible Creatures. Content creation will now occur within the IC folder structure making testing easier. There have been updates too all of the tools as well as the addition of a few new tools. Note: you will need a Copy of IC installed in order to use the RDN Tools, and SDK.

  • A new Tool the ModPackager tools is now included. This tool lets users create self installing content this includes easy distribution of new maps, data mods, and total conversion mods.
  • Sound Engine updates to IC, have allowed us to create a new PatchEditor tool that is included. This tool lets users easily hook up new audio content for the game.
  • The archive command line tool is now included as well. This tool lets you extract the content of archive files as well as create new archive files.

    The tools that were previously included with the Standalone installer are also included with the Companion installer.

    Impossible Creatures SDK

    The Impossible Creatures SDK (Software Development Kit) is also being released. The IC SDK includes source code from the IC engine that can be used to create Total Conversion Mods for IC. It comes complete with a small sample MOD that demonstrates how programmers can implement new game play in the IC engine.

    RDN updates...
    [Jun 16th, 2003]

    Over the following few months RDN will be updated with new features and functionality that will allow you, the user, benefit more from RDN. Major improvements that are planned include additional functionality for the mods section, some web based tools to help you communicate better, and more…

    Blitz! and HWEV reach Level 2
    [Feb 5th 2002]

    Relic is pleased to announce that “Blitz!” and “Homeworld: Eternal Vengeance”, have recently been moved to RDN Level 2. Both of these projects are being developed using recently released RDN tools for Impossible Creatures. Level 2 of RDN provides the teams of these projects with a unique opportunity to receive limited support from the people most familiar with the IC engine, the Relic employees who actually worked on it.

    Blitz! is a tactical-level World War II modification of IC, with gameplay covering multiple regions of conflict and emphasizing the use of combined arms. HW:EV is a land-based, covert ops strategy game set in the Homeworld universe

    New IC Tutorial.
    [Dec 16th 2002]

    We've added a new Impossible Creatures tutorial to RDN entitled: "Making your first combinable creature ", you can download it from here.

    IC Tool Installer version 1.1!
    [Nov 29th 2002]

    Version 1.1 of the IC Tools Installer is now available for download. This release fixes some of the issues that were encountered in version 1.0. The IC Tools Installer package contains all the tools and documentation that you will need to start modding IC. For more information check out the IC Tools page.

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