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The Attribute Editor


The attribute editor is a powerful tool that will allow you to add new races, new abilities, new modifiers and many more items into Dawn of War. If you have modded previous Relic games, you probably aware of the shiptunning spreadsheet, and the lua files that that spreadsheet edited. The attribute editor serves a similar purpose except itís a lot more powerful, and is the next step for those tools.

The attribute editor may seem intimidating at first, due to the sheer amount of data that it contains, but once you get used to it, and the way itís setup, working in it becomes fairly easy.

However, due to the amount of data thatís included in the attribute editor, we wonít be covering every single variable in this document. Some attributes and fields are self-explanatory others are usually not used. Donít worry however, as the basic, and most important attributes will be covered in this document, and with these basics youíll be well on your way to creating new units and new races.


The attribute editor interface is fairly simple, you can find more information on the way it's interface is setup in this section.


The attribute editor is separated into several different categories, each of which we will briefly list and summarize here, and which are explained in detail in the rest of this document. These categories are:

Additional information

Some collected information detailing in depth some aspects of Attribute Editor work:


Tutorials? for using the attribute editor are going to be created soon (hopefully). In the mean time look at Corsix's Guide for Newbie Modders first, and Spliff's unofficial modding guide, which contains some useful information.

These tutorials? are “to do”. Once complete, it should at least run through the basics with examples, of creating a new race down to weapons and abilities. They could be done in any order (eg: create a new building and then a squad to be produced from it), once they are complete.

It'll be me Finaldeath creating these most probably, so it might take a while to get them started! If someone else wants to do them (or other ones) please do, there is currently very little on creating new things for Dawn of War.

The tutorials should make, eventually, a new race, perhaps called something like “Robin Hoods Army” or “Green Mile” or something else that is slightly memorable.

More advanced/additonal, which really need to have the user know about the above first.



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this forgets to tell people how to open a damn file to edit it. smooth move boys.
-- MrBenis? (2005-05-11 01:00:59)