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Distributing Maps


This document outlines the necessary files that need to be distributed in order for other users to play custom created maps both single player and mult player. It also outlines how to create custom icons for multiplayer maps.

Multi Player Maps

Multiplayer Maps are located, and need to be placed into the \W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP folder.

Multiplayer maps are composed of various individual files. These files define what the map looks like. When you create a map and save it the following files are generated (we assume the map has been saved under the name “MyMap”):

Additionally, if you have created a custom icon, you will also want to distribute it. This file name will be :

To Create A Custom Icon

If you want to use a custom icon in game then you must create it. Do not overwrite the _icon.tga file. What you do is save the <MapName>_icon.tga file as a <MapName>_icon_custom.tga file. So for instance, following the example above, you save the MyMap_icon.tga as MyMap_icon_custom.tga file. You can then edit this file to suit your needs. The game will detect it and use it if it’s present. Custom icons can be used for such thing as identifying play starting points.
We will briefly go over a tutorial that will define the most basic mission creation, and the creation of such a custom icon..

  • Select File->New, leave all default values and press OK.
  • Select Object Placement mode. Go into environment->gameplay and select the starting_position object.
  • Place a starting position for both Player 1 and Player 2 (use the right sidebar menu to select which player the starting position actually belongs to).
  • Save the map. The files mentioned above will be created.
  • Open up the <MapName>_icon.tga file in your favorite image editor. Save it as a <MapName>_icon_custom.tga file. Now you can edit the file. To your hearts content.
Make sure you select the proper starting position.

Single Player

Single Player Maps are located, and need to be placed into the \W40k\Data\Scenarios\SP folder.

Distributing single player missions and campaigns is somewhat similar to distributing Multiplayer maps, however, you need to include several additional file:

Note that these are the basic files that need to be distributed, if your single player campaigns contains any other data that it uses, this data will also have to be distributed. Such data can include information such as

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