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Welcome to the Relic Developer Wiki Page

My armour is contempt.


If you want to add anything to the wiki and don't know how or where, or got any questions on the wiki, Finaldeath via. PM on the Relic forums should be able to help.

Dawn of War Tools

The current version of the Relic Dawn of War Modtools is 1.11. (Archive page here)
The current version of Dawn of War is 1.3. Patch notes

Current Dawn of War tools release notes can be found here:

For the revision changes, and readme for the latest Mod Tools go here:

To set up a new mod in the 1.11 Mod Tools read this:

To read about converting a mod to work with the changes in the 1.3 patch, read this:

Current information on the Dawn of War tools includes:

Also, be sure to read the readme, if you haven't already.

Information on other important modding items (although not directly tools):

If you are using an older version of the Mod Tools, go to the Mod Tools Archive Page.


You might want to read the FAQ for any questions related to the game, or use the Text Search function.

SCAR (Scripting at Relic)

Check out the main SCAR page for information on the Relic scripting language:

Specific RDN SCAR Documentation and information:


You can learn about the processes of modeling in Dawn of War in this section, including tutorials and getting a model into Dawn of War.


Anything related to Dawn of War, but otherwise not to do with the modtools, NIS, AI or SCAR:

For help modifying the game, you can use the Relicnews forums to ask questions:


This Wiki is Powered by Wacko Wiki R4.0. Wacko Wiki documentation and details can be found at WackoWiki:WackoDocumentation.

Helping the Wiki

You don't need to join the Wiki to actually read any of it, but if you want to help edit anything, you must join up and become a user, here.

If you want to add any new tutorials or content, or correct mistakes, please do!

A useful To Do list is avalible too, here, for more specific wanted changes.

Useful pages

Useful pages: Wiki Utilities, Orphaned Pages, Wanted Pages, Text Search, My Pages, My Changes

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