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Attribute Editor Interface


Attribute Editor Structure

This section provides a quick overview of the parent->child structure of the attribute editor.

On the left side of the tool, the window displays all of the entries which are organized in parents and children. Children always inherit all of the attributes of their parents. Child attribute values can be different to parent attribute values, and children can have more attributes than their parents, but never less. To add a child entry, right-click in that window and type in the name of the child entry.

The right hand window displays all of the editable attributes for the entries. To edit an attribute, expand the view until you have found the value you wish to edit and double click on it. To add an attribute, right-click in the window and select the correct attribute type, then select the attribute from the list. You will also need to manually type the name of the attribute in the editable field above the drop list.


The Attribute editor is setup in such a way that child objects inherit from parent objects. This means that you often need only to redefine the attributes that are different in the child. To simplify browsing through the attribute editor the following icons are used:

Signifies that the attribute is the same as its parents.
Signifies that the attribute has changed value, and is no longer the same as the parent value.
Signifies that this is a table
Signifies that this attribute wasn’t in the parent, and was added to the child.


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