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Mod Tools


The Mod Tools for Dawn of War are released by Relic, first released on the 10th of November 2004, and usually after each patch which changes how they work. They only work on windows (Supports versions 2000 and XP), and only when you meet the games requirements. They also have no liability when you install them – if they don't work, they don't work, limited testing of the tools has been carried out (although bugs get fixed in time). Currently the mod tools are still being released/updated, since Relic have an expansion coming out.

The current version of the Relic Dawn of War Modtools is 1.11. (Archive page here)
The current version of Dawn of War is 1.3. Patch notes

Current Dawn of War tools release notes can be found here:

For the revision changes, and readme for the latest Mod Tools go here:

To set up a new mod in the 1.11 Mod Tools read this:

To read about converting a mod to work with the changes in the 1.3 patch, read this:

Current information on the Dawn of War tools includes:

Also, be sure to read the readme, if you haven't already.

If you are using an older version of the Mod Tools, go to the Mod Tools Archive Page

Update Downloads

The 1.11 versions can be downloaded from various locations listed in This Adeptus Modificatus sticky.

If the version is out of date, please update this page and check Adeptus Modificatus forums for latest Relic information.

Older versions

See the Archive, for all current and past patch notes, readme's and important information, if you use an older version of the tools.


1.11 Modtools download locations
Adeptus Modificatus forums

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