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3dsmax macroscript : DOW Properties Browser



This is information about the different DOW Properties Browser items. The information was gathered and put here by FinalDeath, from this thread, from posts compiler and CLR made.

How to access the Browser in 3d studio max 

First thing to check is that the macroscript has been copied into the appropriate folder, typically 3dsMax7/UI/Macroscripts

Once that is done, start 3DSMax, and under the Customize menu option, select Customize User Interface. A window should appear with several tabs, select the Toolbars tab and under the Category drop down list select Custom Tools. The DoW Properties Browser should be available in the list (simply drag and drop the icon to wherever you want to put it on your interface).

CLR in Please help me get back my Relic properties script


From CLR and compiler.

The two first columns, object name and object class are for information purposes. The other ones can be set by clicking within the box (this includes the Max Bone property).


Obviously, the name of the object


Wether it's a mesh, dummy, bone, IK chain, point...


Wether the object is a bone.

You need to have bones to animate, but you also need to have meshes set to bones in the Character / Bone Tools menu to have them moving in the OE (if you make a chain of meshes parented to each other, the OE won't take their animation unless they are set to “bone on” or they are the last up in the chain)


Well, think of the OE as a photoshop file with different layers.

The REF files holds all the informations of the meshes and textures.

The animations hold the informations :

These informations refer to the REF file and only tell the OE :

All the meshes are in the REF, but you don't want to see them all everytime.

If you have a shuriken catapult upgradable to shuriken cannon, you want to have the bike created with a catapult,not with both weapons.
So you need to tell the OE that, in a certain animation, the cannon is visible, and in another, that it is the catapult.

To do this, you need to set special properties:
Stale=Yes tells the exporter that this part (mesh, bone) doesn't move, so that it shouldn't export any animation for this part from the animation file where you set this part to Stale=Yes
ForceInvisible=Yes tells the exporter to export no mesh for this animation, so the part is actually invisible.

As a Rule of Thumb, you should set all the parts that don't show up on each and every animation to "Force Invisible?=Yes". For instance, both the catapult and cannon should be invisible in the REF and each animation BUT the vis animation that they show up in, where they should be the only thing NOT in "Force Invisible?=Yes".

For stale, each part that doesn't move should be set to «Stale=Yes».

Well, this isn't exactly true, but it's a good start.


This property is used for some meshes which move with skinned geometry, but are not themselves skinned to anything.
(e.g. : Space Marines shoulder pads)

Also, note that forceskinning is there for optimising performance. Rule of thumb, if you have an object that is skinned (skin modifier to deform with bones), then any rigid mesh objects that are bones and will be animated need to have Force Skinning? activated. If there are no skinned objects in the scene, you can forget about this option. This feature (as well as skinning) also disables stencil shadows (the hard edge shadows you get on most buildings).


Used to remove some bones used for making a bone chain, but not animated themselves.
(e.g. : Space Marines Banner first and second bones).


NoChild is for certain situations where the geometry is larger than the area selected but affects the selection area... I don't even think I'm making sense here – the bottom line is that you'll probably never need to use it.


IgnoreShaders is self explanatory...


You can save a setting for all the meshes and bones, so that all your custom properties cna be exported to other files.


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