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About Me 

Re-editing parts of this here Wiki to actually make it useful for others. I am partly using my time to learn the mod tools, and do my Final Liberation campaign (pending complete mods and expansions :-) ).

I am Finaldeath on the forums. Contact me by PM if you want to add something, anything, to the wiki and don't know how! I'll be happy to convert it and put it on the wik. Also ask if you have any questions, I'll probably be able to partly help.

See: To Do for things to help with please :-)


Notes: See Random Phrase for all quotes that display on the main page, if you wish to edit them.

For using the wiki, I use the mambo style. If you want to see what its like (got a bar down the left hand side) Change your Settings. It's more like Media Wiki?, and includes a neat bar for editing with most of the things BBoards have :-)

My Stuff To Do

Nb: If you ain't me, ignore, this is just notes.

DOW game Unit statistics

This is temp here only. Not on front page until sorted.

Root: /DOWGame – Basic info on game
Statistics Root: /DOWGame/Statistics – List of races, and info on page layouts perhaps.

Hmm, it is a bit hard to do the different stuff.

Will probably be like this: (can change later)

based on “attrib” folder.

/DOWGame/Statistics/Abilities? – All Abilities (eg: grenades, spells)
/DOWGame/Statistics/Addons? – All Addons (eg: listening post upgrades)
/DOWGame/Statistics/Research? – All Research (eg: pop caps, upgrades to armor, etc).
/DOWGame/Statistics/Weapon? – All Weapons.

One for each race (see /Race B Ps? for thier default information, for instance, and useful to put tech trees in)


/DOWGame/Statistics/Races/NPC? (singleplayer, the actual unused race name for that stuff).

More advanced ones:

Structures == Entities. ebps.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures? – Structures root.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures/Chaos? – Chaos Structures.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures/Eldar? – Eldar Structures.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures/NPC? – NPC Structures.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures/Orks? – Ork Structures.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Structures/SpaceMarines? – Space Marine Structures.

Units == squads. sbps.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units? – Units root.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/Chaos? – Chaos Units.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/Eldar? – Eldar Units.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/NPC? – NPC Units.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/Orks? – Ork Units.
/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/SpaceMarines? – Space Marine Units.

So, then:

/DOWGame/Statistics/Units/SpaceMarines/ForceCommander – Force commander page. (from \spbs\races\space_marines\space_marine_force_commander )
/DOWGame/Statistics/Abilities/MarinesOrbitalBombardment? – Marines Orbital Bombardment (abilties folder)
/DOWGame/Statistics/Abilities/MarinesBattlecry? – Marines Battlecry (abilties folder)
/DOWGame/Statistics/Abilities/MarinesInspiringAura? – Marines Inspiring Aura (abilties folder)

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