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SCAR Tutorials


The tutorials for SCAR come in 2 parts. The Beginning section is for people who don't know how to script SCAR files, and would like to learn how. The Advanced section is for those who want futher examples and more advanced topics for thier SCAR work.

Also see the Primer for more information on the core of SCAR.

Beginning Scripting Tutorials – Starter scripting tutorials

These beginner tutorials should be done in step by step, and allows you to build up knowledge of how SCAR works (wether you have coded before or not). It will start with very general things, and build up to the singleplayer SCAR files.

SCAR is a very easy language to use, because Dawn of War doesn't do very many complicated things (the entire scenario is contained within one file!).

Once you have completed the tutorials, you should be able to make singleplayer SCAR files very easily.

These are done by Finaldeath, and uses examples from Dawn of War's singleplayer campaign, and some new scripts.

  1. Beginning Tutorial 1 – The Basics?
  2. Beginning Tutorial 2 – Variables?
  3. Beginning Tutorial 3 – Conditionals?
  4. Beginning Tutorial 4 – Squad and Entity Groups?
  5. Beginning Tutorial 5 – Loops?
  6. Beginning Tutorial 6 – Functions
  7. Beginning Tutorial 7 – Functions that return a variable?
  8. Beginning Tutorial 8 – Players?
  9. Beginning Tutorial 9 – Win Conditions?

Advanced Tutorials – Examples and Advanced code

You can look at these SCAR examples, templates and advanced tutorials for more information.


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