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Corsix's Guide for Newbie Modders

Note: This was retrieved from a cached page of an older, shutdown wiki. See this Google cache for the original. Sorry there are no pictures!

NOTE: This may be widely inaccurate or outdated. It may be updated at a later stage. Notably, you cannot edit LUA files by hand any more.

This tutorial wil be expanded to include the attribute editor required to do the work, with screenshots, at a later date.


By Corsix from RPGWiki

SGA Files

Before you can start modding, you need to unpack some SGA archives. For this, use:

Use the extract all feature on either tool to unpack the SGA archive onto hard disk.

Your first mod 

Try making so that space marine scout squads start with 6 in the squad and have a maximum of 10. This may not be balanced but it will help you learn.


Look in \%DoWPath%\W40k\Data\attrib\sbps\races\space_marines\


\%DoWPath%\W40k\Data\attrib\sbps\races\space_marines\space_marine_ scout_squad.lua:

GameData["squad_loadout_ext"]["unit_max"] = 4.000
GameData["squad_loadout_ext"]["unit_min"] = 2.000

GameData["squad_loadout_ext"]["unit_max"] = 10.000
GameData["squad_loadout_ext"]["unit_min"] = 6.000


Some pictures of scouts in-game with thier tooltip/icon info about limits in the squad.

EBPS and SPBS ??

\%DoWPath%\W40k\Data\attrib\ebps and \%DoWPath%\W40k\Data\attrib\sbps are the two data folders that contain information about units.

'Ebps' stands for Entity BluePrintS – or how individual units work (Eg. A heretic or a Gaurdian)

'Sbps' stands for Squad BluePrintS – or how squads work (Eg. A heretic squad (1 unit) or a squad of gaurdians)

So, your next task is to create super terminators. Look in both the ebps and spbs data folders and edit the terminator files so that terminators kick major honey butt.


Look in both sbps and epbs but dont mix the two. (Or you get errors...)


(Well, partial method)



GameData["squad_jump_ext"] = Reference("squad_jump_ext")
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["breakdown_time"] = 5.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_jump_cost_max"] = 50.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_jump_cost_min"] = 50.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_max"] = 100.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_regeneration"] = 1.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_distance_max"] = 60.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_time_max"] = 8.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_time_min"] = 8.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["requirements"]["required_1"] = Reference("required_research")
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["requirements"]["required_1"]["research_name"]  = "marine_personalteleporter_research"
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["setup_time"] = 5.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["teleport"] = true

GameData["squad_jump_ext"] = Reference("squad_jump_ext")
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["breakdown_time"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_jump_cost_max"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_jump_cost_min"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_max"] = 100.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["charge_regeneration"] = 100.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_distance_max"] = 6000.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_time_max"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["jump_time_min"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["setup_time"] = 0.000
GameData["squad_jump_ext"]["teleport"] = true


You now know enough about how to mod LUA files so that you should be able to look around the files, play with them and see what happens.

If anything goes wrong then just delete the extracted file = no problem.

Have Fun!

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Referring pages: DOWAttributeEditor

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