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Tool Release Notes

Release 1.0

This documents details the known issues with the Dawn of War RDN Tools (Release 1.0). Please note that the tools are not 100% rock solid and may crash if left idle, so save often.

You may wish to also read the tools readme.

Note: Win98 is not supported by any of the tools.

FX Tool

The following is a listing of known issues with this tool:

These FX types are not supported by Dawn of War:

Edit Menu
The following options are not supported by Dawn of War or are not fully implemented:

These FX parameters may not work

Furthermore, the following are known issues:

Mission Editor

The mission editor needs to be installed into a separate directory. In order to make it work you need to point it at the directory where you installed Dawn of War. This can be done via the –wkdir command line argument. By default the installer should have setup an appropriate shortcut for you.

Here are the known issues with the mission editor:

Object Editor

These are the known issues with the object editor:

Attribute Editor

Newly created attributes cannot removed or renamed.
Whenever you add anything new to the attribute editor, it cannot be removed without going through the lua files and removing the data manually from those lua files. This also applies to renaming of attributes.

Audio Tool

Many of the options in the audio tool are not used within Dawn of War and thus may not work. We hope to fix these issues in a later release of the tools. No documentation for the tool is being provided.


The following are the properties that can be set when using the exporter;

File Properties
IgnoreShaders = yes
This property can be used to force a model to export without any shader references. It is used to remove materials at export that have been accidentally applied in a model that is 100% XREFed from other sources. You should use this property when you want to ensure you are only using the textures applied to the original meshes, and not any local materials.

If you export a model and it is pure gray, then turn this property off!

Node Properties
Remove = yes
This property is used to remove a bone from a skeleton at export time. It should be applied to the REF file (both BASE and TROOP REF), but does not need to be applied to any animation files. The exporter now exports the REF file and each animation file in world space coordinates, and rebuilds the skeleton once all of the animations are exported.

If you want to remove a bone that has a mesh linked or skinned to it, make sure to re-skin or re-link that mesh to another bone. Otherwise you will see weird animation on those meshes, as they will get linked to the first bone in the skeleton.

Inactive | Stale = yes
This property is used to turn off a bone in a specific animation usually for visibility animations or overlay animations. Apply it to each bone you want to disable in an animation.

Note, any bones that are deleted from a specific animation (but are still in the REF) are also treated as “Inactive” for that animation.

MeshMinDetail = low, medium, high
This property is used as a per mesh hint to the 3-stage pipeline decimator. All meshes have a default property of “low”, which means they are used in the low, medium, and high versions of the models. A value of “medium” means the mesh will be thrown away for the low detail model, and a value of “high” means the mesh will be thrown away on low and medium versions of the model. The idea is the decimator can achieve its required polygon counts with more direction from the artists on what to keep.

For example, perhaps a 200 poly tube can be completely removed on a low version of the Dreadnought which means the main body can keep more polygons in it.

No_Child_Selection = yes
This property is used to tell the game to not use a mesh for camera selection when the “selection_child” property is set in the model lua file.

ForceInvisible = yes
In addition to animating the visibility within MAX, you can now set this property on a mesh node in order to force it to be invisible in the current animation.

This is most useful on nodes that have both the mesh and bone property set, and you need to have the bone still present in the scene.

ForceLocal = yes
This property is used to force an XREFed mesh to be a local mesh when exported.

ForceSkinning = yes
This property is used to force a linked mesh to be treated as 100% skinned in the exporter. It will be of most use on nodes that are both a mesh and a bone, but can also be used on meshes that are linked to a separate bone. This property is used to reduce the number of different mesh types in a unit down the absolute bare minimum (which ideally is 1).

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