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These are common or shared attributes



All the base are used, only thing that’s are some of the attribute values. Nothing new is added.


Note on tracking

In warhammer a unit can't fire at a target unless it's in range and the gun is pointing at the target in the horizontal (taking in to account the fire cone). But! The vertical doesn't matter, the weapon will try to track but if it has reached the tracking limit and the target is still too high/low it will fire anyway.

Note on Damage Calculation

Physical damage (as opposed to morale damage) is calculated as follows:

  1. Pick a random number between min_damage and max_damage.
  2. Determine target's armour type and match it to an entry in the armour_piercing_table.
  3. Multiply the damage rolled above by the armor piercing value associated with the entry above divided by 100 (the armor piercing value represents a percentage).
  4. The final damage is the larger of the previous result and min_damage_value.

Morale damage is fairly straightforward, but has some important unexpected side effects.

  1. The base morale damage dealt by a weapon is given by morale_damage.
  2. Each unit in the squad hit (if you're using splash weapons) counts toward the total morale damage the squad takes.
  3. Each squad type has a morale_armour that is used to reduce the damage taken (via multiplication). For most squads this is 0.5, meaning most weapons only do half the listed morale damage. Notable exceptions are Chaos Slaves with 1.0 (full morale damage), Chaos Possesed with 0.3, Space Marine Scouts with 0.7, and Space Marine Servitors with 1.0.


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