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DOW Modding FAQ 


This is a general Q&A document. Please update this as nessissary if you find an answer to a question (For example, on the forums).


The Table of Contents holds a list of the questions:


Q: How do I start to mod?

Helpfully provided by the-tempest, this list should help:

The different types of modding are as follows;

Modeling – Creating new buildings and units (or scenery, etc) to use ingame, and rigging/animating them so they'll be able to move, fire, fight. You can get the best and currently only supported tool (trial version, 30 days) at http://www.discreet.com called 3d Studio Max.

Texturing – This is adding textures to models. After using Max to unwrap your model, you can texture it with a nifty looking skin, and make it teamcolourable so you can use the army painter with it. Photoshop, at http://www.adobe.com is the best one, and you can get a trial version at their site too.

Sound Editing – Making new sounds by distorting sound effects you create, creating theme songs on electric pianos and then editing them on computer. You'll need a lot of gear for this, and probably adobe audition, trial also available at http://www.adobe.com.

Coding – Cheapest. This is for editing unit and building statistics in the game, creating new units, making new abilities, races... absolutely necessary. Its also getting the modeled/textured units ingame. You will need Relic's mod tools to do this. Get them at http://www.dowfiles.com.

Mapping – Creating battlefields for your soldiers to fight over. Not quite modding, but still sort of the same. Pretty simple, only needs mod tools as well.

Thats the different types of modding, pick one you like best. If you are going solo, check out coding first, and fool around with that a bit. REMEMBER TO READ THE README that comes with the tools, so you can figure out what you are doing. Start simple, work your way up. Check out Palii's tutorials on http://www.ageofsquat.com once you get going.

Remeber to check out the wiki for more information where available, and the External Pages / Tutorials for other site's information.

Q: Troubleshooting the Mod Tools

See the Troubleshooting section for any information on why your mission editor, max script or anything isn't working. Also please search the forums!

Q: How do I add music to the game?

See the Audio Tool documentation, and read the section on Conversion: Exsisting FDA to usable sound files.

Q: Where do I download the tools?

See this page for links.

Q: How do I activate a mod?

There are a few ways of activating a mod (in version 1.3 or higher).

The best way is to run the game's exe file (called “W40k.exe”) with the parameter:

-modname modname

So create a shortcut to the exe (or a copy of an exsisting shortcut) and edit it so it looks like this:

"C:\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k.exe" -modname modname

In the “Target” line. This will load the “modname” .module file, and whatever is contained in the file.

The second way is to use the Mod Manager in-game – a useful thing to note in any readme's so people can easily swap between active mods at any time without restarting the game! To access it, go to the main menu in Dawn of War and select “Mod Manager” from the main menu options. If you don't have it, get the latest patch (it is added in version 1.3 or greater), and looks like this:

Dawn of War's Mod Manager

Here, you can select and activate a single module at a time, the default game, if you wish to turn off all mods, is called Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War. However, sometimes for some items it needs to load them at run time, whatever was loaded at run time may be present instead of what the module has. Search the forums for more information.

Q: How do I put text information into the game?

You need to use a UCS file – see this documentation.

Q: Group Weapons

A: Totmacher
Group Weapons – The idea is you set up targeting priorities on the child weapons and once a target has been selected / issued to the unit it will use the weapon with the best armour type matching. It does have a few bugs that have not yet been addressed so your milage may vary. It's only for shooting weapons, it will not work for melee weapons.

Q: Old Lua Bugs

A: Totmacher

Q: FX issues

A: Totmacher

Q: Various Console Errors



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